Why Homeowners in MA Are Using Oil Heat in 2019

Labor Day Weekend will be here before we know it! When the kids go back to school and leaves start to turn, homeowners in Massachusetts start thinking about heating fuel. Nowadays there are many options for home heating oil. But none stack up quite like fuel oil. Oil heat has been a tried-and-true favorite fuel option for Massachusetts residents for years. There’s several reasons why that won’t be changing any time soon:

Heating Oil 101: Today’s Fuel for the Future

Heating oil has a long history of providing affordable, safe, and efficient heat for homes and businesses across New England. Today, new advancements in heating technology and the fuel itself make oil heat even better than before.

  • Oil Heat Is Safe
    Fuel oil is non-explosive, so you know that your family is safe at home when the heat is on. Plus, heating oil boilers and furnaces that are maintained by professional HVAC experts are significantly less likely to malfunction or break down.
  • Oil Heat Is Clean
    Over the past four decades, total greenhouse gas emissions from heating oil have been cut by approximately 33%. PayLessforOil.com is proud to deliver Ultra-Low Sulfur (ULS) heating oil blended with premium heating oil treatment. ULS heating oil produces significantly fewer emissions.
  • Oil Heat Is Efficient
    New high-efficiency oil heat technology has made serious strides. Now, oil boilers and oil furnaces have efficiency ratings as high as 95%. This means new fuel oil equipment burns less fuel to produce better levels of comfort.
  • Oil Heat Is Affordable
    Customers continue to benefit from low heating oil prices in Massachusetts. Work with a discount heating oil provider, like com, to get low oil prices in your Massachusetts town. We make heating with oil even more affordable with low, discounted oil prices.
  • Oil Heat is Convenient
    When you choose to heat your home with oil, you have the option to order from the local fuel oil delivery company of your choice. Choose the best discount heating oil company that can deliver your fuel on time, offer affordable oil prices, and provide easy online oil ordering.

Whether you are new to oil heat or are a long-time oil heat customer, it is clear why so many homeowners in Massachusetts still rely on fuel oil to stay warm each winter. Place your oil order before the first autumn rush to get low oil prices today!