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March 2022
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We hope you have a happy St. Patrick's Day with your family. We certainly feel like we have the luck of the Irish to count you among our valued customers. We truly struck gold when you decided to become our customer.

Rising Oil Prices...What Gives?!
We hear you! Rising oil prices are currently taking their toll on the entire nation. Please keep in mind that rising prices are out of our control and do not provide us with additional profit. We pay more for our bulk fuel supply and charge the minimum possible to our valued customers—that minimum just happens to look high right now as a result of the egregious costs of crude oil. Gasoline, electricity, and propane costs have also spiked amidst supply and demand imbalances as COVID-19-related travel and transportation restrictions begin to lift.

The bottom line is that we understand your frustration with the high pricing, and we look forward to the day when costs lower once again. The sooner prices drop, the happier we’ll be. In the meantime, please reach out to us if you are struggling to meet your financial obligations. We can share opportunities to help you save, such as participating in our refer-a-friend program to earn account credits or signing up for a service plan to reduce unexpected HVAC costs.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for remaining a loyal customer of When fuel prices go back down, you will be the first to know!

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What to Look for in an Online Heating Oil Supplier

If you have a couple minutes, be sure to check out our latest blog post about what you should look for in an online heating oil supplier. After all, they aren't all created equally! Our experts take the time in this blog post to outline all the most important factors when it comes to choosing a provider.

Learn How to Choose a Provider

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Don't Let Your Heating Oil Tank Slip Your Mind

We've also got an important message about how to keep a close eye on your heating oil tank. With proper maintenance and attention, your storage tank will last for years and provide unmatched comfort to your home or business.


Relax & Save
with Our HVAC Service Plans
heating fuel service plans in MA and CT
Ever dealt with an unexpected repair bill? The gut-wrenching feeling will leave you thinking that there must be a better way to manage your HVAC costs. Well, now there is. offers HVAC Service Plans that bundle heating and cooling for one low annual fee.

Benefits Include:
  • Greater system efficiency
  • Investment protection
  • Increased home safety
  • Annual energy cost savings
  • Longer equipment lifespan


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