TankSure Program Benefits

Why Sign Up for the TankSure Program?

We want to make sure you can trust that you’re always receiving the best equipment coverage in the area for the safest operation of your oil heating system. That is why we offer the TankSure Program to help protect your home from costly damage due to an oil tank leak.

How It Works

Enjoy top-tier protection without the price tag. Each year, a trained service technician will assess your tank with EPA-approved ultrasonic equipment that inspects tank wall thickness and level of corrosion inside the tank. They will evaluate when a proactive replacement is necessary BEFORE the tank leaks. Should your tank require a replacement, qualifying customers are eligible for complete coverage for a tank replacement!


Benefits of Oil Tank Testing

  • Better protection for your property
  • Better protection for your wallet
  • Better protection for our environment

What’s Included in the TankSure Program

  • Proactive Tank Replacement Payment
  • Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Scientific Analysis & Monitoring
  • Tank Inspection Certificate
  • Corrosion Protection Agent

Want to learn more about the benefits of the TankSure Program? Contact us today!


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