Q: How can I choose the right heating protection plan for me?

Most of our customers will want to consider the Essential Heating Plan. Our Essential Plan includes the priceless value of 24 hour emergency service along with an annual preventative maintenance tune-up. The tune-up will reduce the chance of a breakdown, cut your fuel bills by up to 10%, and keep your system running at peak efficiency. Our Essential Plan also includes discounts on diagnostic fees and daytime repairs.

For the customer seeking the most protection possible, we offer our Preferred Plan. This includes all the benefits of the Essential Plan, plus larger repair discounts 24 hours a day and Burner Repair Insurance with free repairs on many equipment components.

Lastly, for the customer that has a brand new heating system, or doesn’t burn much fuel each year, we offer our Always Available Plan that gives 24 hour emergency service and a discount on an annual tune-up should you choose to schedule one.

Q: I have more than one furnace or boiler. Do I have to buy a plan for each?

A: If you wish to purchase either our Essential Plan or Preferred Plan, you must purchase a plan for each unit. If you only wish you have access to 24 hour emergency heating service you can purchase one Always Available Plan. Note, if you have multiple properties, one Always Available Plan must be purchased for each site.

Q: I know I want A/C coverage. How do I select the cooling protection plan that best fits my needs?

A: Firstly, if you have an oil furnace with an attached air conditioner, we highly recommend that you opt for one of our heating/cooling combo plans. This will give you the most value for your home comfort systems. The Essential Cooling Plan is designed for customers with a central air conditioning system independent of their heating system. (Typically, these customers use a hot water boiler as their primary heat source.) We do not offer plans for ductless a/c systems.  The cost for an Essential Cooling Plan is $159 for customers who purchase a heating plan and $199 for customers who do not.

Q : Do I have to purchase a heating plan to receive 24-hour emergency service?

A: Yes, we cannot offer emergency heating service to non-plan holders.

Q:  Do service plans automatically renew?

A: To avoid any lapse in coverage, we will automatically renew your plan(s) and invoice your account approximately 30 days before your currnet plan(s) expires. We will notify you when this is done so you can plan ahead to pay accordingly. You are no obligation to renew. If you decide that you wish you cancel your plan(s), simply let us know and we will remove the plan(s) and charges from your account. There are absolutely no long term obligations. If you do wish to renew your plan(s), please do so before your current plan(s) expires to avoid losing any loyalty credits you may have earned.

Q: I am a renter. Can I purchase a protection plan?

A: Generally, no. Your landlord should be responsible for maintaining your equipment. If your particular situation is different, please call us before purchasing a protection plan.

Q: If I need service, how do I pay for it?

A – Payment is expected before or at the time of service. Please have your credit card handy before you call for service.  Our technicians have mobile computers and will be able to run your card on site.  You will have the option of knowing how much a repair fee is before we process the payment.  As is customary with Payless, we do not accept cash or checks for payment.

Q : Are these plans available to commercial properties?

A:  No. These plans are only available to residential homeowners.

Q: I need service, how do I get a technician to my home?

A: Should a problem occur, always call us toll free at 1-855-645-4537 (855-OIL-4LES) to request service. If you are calling at a time when our office is closed, please select the option to be transferred to the “Payless Service Plan Holder Emergency After-Hours Answering Service” when prompted. Our after-hours answering service will verify that you are a plan holder and get you in touch with one of our technicians.

Q : Do you use subcontractors?

A : No, all technicians are employed by us; Fuel Services, Inc. Other dealers may direct you to a third party for service or send an inexperienced contractor to your home. You do not have to worry about that when doing business with us!

Q : What’s the catch?

A:  There is none really!  We are proud to be the area’s only online heating oil service to offer 24-hour emergency service plans.  All we ask is that if you purchase a plan, that you purchase at least 350 gallons of oil per year from us.

Way to go, I ordered oil this morning at 6 got the response that it wasn't going to be delivered until Thursday, when I got home today, full tank and receipt on my porch!!

- Kathi B. - Holyoke, MA