Our Guarantee!

guaranteed low price oil delivery

PayLessForOil.com Heating Oil Delivery Guarantee

Lots of companies can say they do certain things, but at Payless we GUARANTEE we do.  This is our delivery promise to to you:

  • If we fail to meet our delivery commitments, we will give you a $10 account credit.
  • We often deliver much quicker than we say we do.  Just because you are in a 2 day delivery area doesn’t mean you won’t get it the next day or even the same day.

Deliveries have always been early, never delayed. Anytime I have had a problem or question they have always been informative. Always helping the customer. I called to order one time and they offered me discounts I didn't even know were available. They certainly look out for you, and I have never had a complaint about how my home, yard, or property looked after delivery.

- Jessica K. - Westfield, MA