Why Don’t I Have Enough Hot Water and What Can I Do to Fix It?

From showers and baths to laundry and dishwashing, you rely on your water heater year-round. But what if you don’t have enough hot water to take care of life’s necessities? Here are some potential reasons why you’re not getting enough hot water and what you can do about it.


Old Age

Consider the age of your water heater, as conventional water heaters typically last about 10 years. If yours is in its second decade, it’s wise to replace it with a new, high-efficiency tankless water heater, as the older your water heater gets, the more likely it is to struggle to provide adequate hot water.


Undersized Water Heater

If you don’t have enough hot water, there’s a good possibility it’s because your tankless water heater doesn’t have the heating capacity to produce enough hot water for your home. If so, you may be better off with two tankless water heaters working in tandem. While one large unit will often provide sufficient hot water for a family of four, two units is often a better choice to help ensure you don’t run out of hot water, especially on frigid New England winter days. There are a number of factors that play into determining the best solution for your needs:


  • The number and type of fixtures requiring a hot water connection
  • How often and for how long the fixtures are used
  • How cold the groundwater gets


Tankless water heater capacity is determined by expected use at peak demand and how much the water will need to be heated to be hot enough for use. Contact us and we can help you evaluate these and other factors and determine whether a second water heater is right for your home.


Sediment Buildup in the Tank

If you have a storage tank water heater, there may be sediment buildup preventing your water heater from delivering enough hot water. As water enters your tank, it carries with it dissolved minerals, sand, gravel and other debris, which over time settle at the bottom of the tank and form a layer that insulates the heat from the hot water and reduces your system’s efficiency. Oftentimes you’ll hear loud rumbling, hissing, clanging and banging sounds which are caused by steam bubbles escaping the deposits at the bottom of the tank. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, contact us and we’ll send someone over to flush out the sediment, or make other repairs as necessary.


Contact Us

If you’re not getting enough hot water in your home, contact us today; as a subsidiary of Fuel Services, we have access to highly-trained technicians who can diagnose and fix the problem, and help you determine if ongoing maintenance or replacement is your best option.

Way to go, I ordered oil this morning at 6 got the response that it wasn't going to be delivered until Thursday, when I got home today, full tank and receipt on my porch!!

- Kathi B. - Holyoke, MA