Welcome Amber Energy Online Customers!

Amber Energy Online has joined forces with PayLessForOil.com

A note from Amber Energy Online…

Thank you for your patronage. We are excited to announce that we have merged with PayLessforOil.com! As the area’s leader in online fuel sales, PayLessForOil.com is known for reliable delivery, easy on-demand ordering, and personalized, local service.

Thank you for your continued support.

Pay Less For Oil

A note from PayLessForOil.com…

Welcome, Amber Energy Online customers! We are happy to have you join the PayLessForOil.com family. We are the leading online ordering company in our area that provides low, competitive oil rates and expedited ordering and delivery. Beyond efficient discount oil delivery, we offer premium HVAC services to keep our customers comfortable. PayLessForOil.com customers enjoy the perks of an on-demand online ordering company and full-service HVAC support. We offer service plans, heating installation and repairs, A/C service, plumbing, and more.

We look forward to serving you. Thank you for your patronage!

Christopher Chase
Executive Vice President

It's the little things that can make the difference. One delivery I got, the driver actually pulled my garbage cans in from the curb for me and put them away, after noticing it had been picked up. It may be a small thing but it left a lasting impression and I recount that story to anyone when discussing heating or fuel. Not many would do that and it sealed my loyalty right up. Outstanding.

- Peter B. - Enfield, CT